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Marketing Research and How Marketing Information system is Organized in Middlesex Insurance Company

Middlesex Insurance Company conducts statistical surveying on request to enable the administration to settle on educated choices on accessible items, new items and market patterns and division. Statistical surveying likewise helps in recognizing explicit item characteristics that coordinate the capacities of the objective market.Advertising We will compose a custom examination paper test on Marketing Research and How Marketing Information framework is Organized in Middlesex Insurance Company explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Market research on accessible items additionally helps the firm location matters identifying with availability, costs and adequacy. Statistical surveying is a pointer of exercises that supplement protection just as uncovering people’s discernment, comprehension and trust of protection. This is imperative to Kate Farm in view of the take-up and planning and directing client mindfulness and promoting techniques. Middlesex Insurance Compa ny’s research plan directs the assortment and investigation of information in the accompanying manners; the examination group plots the exploration targets, the crowd, and how the outcomes will be utilized. The group characterizes the key inquiries and calls attention to the essential and auxiliary sources the data to be utilized. The exploration group at that point settles on a choice on the technique they plan to use in information assortment, at that point decide and archive the method for participants’ determination. Information breaking down arrangement is created and a course of events set for the procedure. The colleagues appoint themselves jobs and duties regarding leading the examination. They sort out coordinations, plan assortment of information, structure information assortment apparatuses, for example, talk with aides and examination networks. The group gathers information, a portion of the fundamental information assortment methods are Mail poll phone tal k with, individual meeting and online meeting (Kotler Keller, 2009). In the wake of gathering information, they break down it, draft a report lastly attract a last report to the administration. As indicated by Talvinen (1994), showcasing data framework illuminate the administration on the current market pattern. Middlesex Insurance Company has built up a successful long haul showcasing methodology which is exceptionally useful and significant for each association that needs to get and draw in the important crowd as per Shaw and Stone (). This system is planned for including more customers their book inside a year. The association utilizes a guide on’ how to save money on insurance’ as a lead generator. This guide is sent through direct mail advertisements, pamphlets, gifts, messages, support and post office based mail showcasing. Imminent customers ceaselessly get sends until they react positively.Advertising Looking for research paper on business financial matters? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Middlesex Insurance Company offers great substance in the sent offer so as not to exhaust the beneficiaries, the individuals who don't react inside about fourteen days, are placed in another promoting pipe. A bulletin is sent to them, at that point a catch up with another guide, they are kept in the pamphlet framework. Division, Targeting, Positioning, and Dealing with Competition Middlesex Insurance Company gives property and setback strategy spread, along these lines, it targets two client sections, home and car purchasers. Kotler and Keller (2009) group this customer fragment as segment purchaser showcase. Segment customer advertise embraces socioeconomics to get shoppers. In this division, purchasers are classified by their age, race, sexual orientation, salary, training, family size, family life cycle,occupation. As indicated by American Housing Survey(2006), first time home purchasers arrive d at the midpoint of thirty-three years with a family unit salary of around sixty-4,000 dollars every year. Middlesex Insurance Company’s clients are commonly matured somewhere in the range of 30 and 50 years, with a dominant part underneath 40 years. Climb homebuyers earned generously higher than first time purchasers, most multiplied the normal earned by first time purchasers. Most clients who were novices purchased homes covering 1500 square feet. These houses were additionally single family homes the same number of them were hitched with kids. Eleven percent of the clients purchased condos and another eleven percent guaranteeing apartment suites. The move uppers purchased somewhat bigger homes with an enormous rate moving into isolates homes, eight percent moving to apartments and another eight percent guaranteeing townhouses. Then again, Aizcorbe, Bridgeman and Nalewaik (2009), one’s eagerness to pay for a vehicle relied upon their family income.They recorded diff erent variables to be considered as instructive fulfillment and age. Middlesex Insurance Company’s clients in 2010 who guaranteed 2011 model-year vehicles had $ 8000 more salary than family units who purchased 2010 model-year cars.Advertising We will compose a custom exploration paper test on Marketing Research and How Marketing Information framework is Organized in Middlesex Insurance Company explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Those who purchased more up to date model-year in 2010 had $ 5000 more pay and in 2011, more up to date model year proprietors earned about $ 6000 more pay. In all cases, proprietors of more up to date model year vehicles earned altogether higher pay contrasted with proprietors of the more established year models. Item and Service Middlesex Insurance Company exhibits a viable and proficient help conveyance to the customer base by offering best proposals at moderate rate (Sawhney, Balasubramanian, Krishnan, 2004).The organization has assessed deals and benefits related with each offer (Kotler Keller, 2009). It gives homeowner’s protection that consolidates certain individual protection, for example, misfortune that happen to the house, the house’s content, loss of the house use, loss of mortgage holder assets and furthermore protection against mishaps that happen at the home or at the property holders hands inside the region of the strategy. Sorts of strategies Middlesex Insurance Company offers three kinds of homeowners’ protection arrangements. Fundamental structure mortgage holder strategy Middlesex Insurance Company offers this protection strategy against eleven recorded hazards. This incorporate â€Å"fire, tempests or hailstones, vandalism or malevolent fiendishness, robbery, demolition from car and airplane, blast revolt or common struggle, glass breakage, smoke, volcanic action, and individual risk. Exemptions incorporate floods, earthquakes.† Broad structure mortgage holder strategy This is a further developed approach that gives inclusion against seventeen dangers that incorporate the eleven recorded previously. The arrangement covers named hazards and shows the occasion that would be secured. Unique structure property holder strategy This is the most far reaching strategy spread offered by Middlesex Insurance Company. The arrangement covers all dangers related with homeownership. It is for the most part utilized for single-family homes.Advertising Searching for research paper on business financial aspects? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More Middlesex Insurance Company additionally offers three primary kinds of accident coverage. Extensive inclusion This protection strategy spread harms the customer’s vehicle that are not brought about by different drivers. These incorporate harm to the entire vehicle, or parts from such occasions as fire, burglary, storms, tornado, floods and hail. It likewise covers the vehicle in occasion of hitting a creature. This arrangement is discretionary and bought for vehicles that are worth more than $ 1000. This approach inclusion doesn't raise the premium and the arrangement proprietor has the choice to browse deductible sum. Impact inclusion This arrangement covers the vehicle against physical harm as a result of crash. For this situation, if the strategy proprietor crashes, the protection will pay to fix the vehicle. This approach spread is discretionary and the month to month deductibles run between $ 200 and $1000. This strategy is perfect for vehicles worth more than $ 4000 and strategy proprietors who have no mishap history. Estimating Middlesex Insurance Company sets protection rates 10% underneath advertise rates to pull in clients (Baye, Gatti, Rupert, Kattuman, Morgan, 2007). What's more, different variables are noteworthy in computing costs. If there should arise an occurrence of property holder protection, coming up next are thought of: the organization chose this value setting strategy in accordance with research done and accessible information on dangers associated with homeownership (Kotler Keller, 2009). Area Where the client lives is a factor to be thought of. Middlesex Insurance Company assemble claims experience dependent on the spot and utilize this to modify the premiums. For example on the off chance that a client lives in high burglary territory, at that point they will pay more. Inclusion The more the spread bought the higher the exceptional will be. For instance, a $50,000 protection strategy is more affordable than $85,000 strategy. Fu rthermore, an apartment protection strategy will be more affordable than a townhouse. Different contemplations will be a customer’s customization of their protection strategy with discretionary coverage’s, similar to a bike, these will expand the premium. Vicinity to fire station The closer a client lives to the fire station the lesser the premium on the approach. The organization expect that the property has a more prominent potential for success of being spared from fire. Measure of deductibles The more the client pays on the deductibles the lower the exceptional will be. For instance if the standard arrangement deductible is $500 and the client decides to pay $ 1000, this unquestionably decreases the premium. Security highlights Having a sheltered home condition is worthwhile particularly in computing premiums. Establishment of caution frameworks, smoke alarms, carbon indicators and other security highlights will decrease protection premiums. The accompanying compon ents decide the valuing of collision protection: Age Policy proprietors who are more youthful than multi year old enough compensation more rates. In the

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Structure and Characterization in Sense and Sensibility Essays -- Aust

Structure and Characterization in Sense and Sensibility Fiction was not viewed as a significant piece of writing in the mid nineteenth century when Jane Austen distributed her books. Fiction was ventured to be unethical and even perilous since it over-energized the creative mind (Halperin 5). Numerous strict divisions founded against fiction battles to shield youngsters from the ruining impact of the books. It was not until the center of the nineteenth century that this demeanor in regards to fiction started to change. Because of this predisposition just as the obscurity that Jane Austen looked for by not putting her own name on her books, there were not very many basic surveys made of her work until the mid-1800's. Numerous early analysts of Austen's work were uncomplimentary. Among them were scholars viewed as artistic greats, for example, Wordsworth and Mark Twain. In spite of the fact that Wordsworth yielded that Austen's books were a praiseworthy duplicate of life, he stayed resolute in his aversion for that sort of writing. Imprint Twain contrasted Austen with a Puritan as her books caused him to feel like a bar-guardian entering the Kingdom of Heaven! (Halperin). Steadily pundits have come to perceive Austen's abstract gifts. Austen's capacity to cause her characters to talk and go about as . . . in consistently life has made a few pundits allude to her as the best craftsman that has ever stated (Halperin 18). Her tender loving care can be contrasted with a principled sewer who join her creases perfect and leaves no worn out edges (Hardy 21). In her books, she demonstrates her capacity to conquer the hole between the writer and her peruser which empowers the peruser to all the more likely comprehend the characters and their direct. Sense and Sensibility was Austen'... ...Austen's Fiction. Chicago: U of Chicago P, 1980. Mudrick, Marvin. Jane Austen: Irony as Defense and Discovery. Berkeley: U of California P. 1968. Nardin, Jane. Those Elegant Decorums: The Concept of Propriety in Jane Austen's Novels. Albany: State U of New York P, 1973. Odmark, John. An Understanding of Jane Austen's Novels Character, Value and Ironic Perspective. Totowa: Barnes and Noble, 1981. Scott, P.J.M. Jane Austen A Reassessment. London Vision Totowa Barnes and Noble, 1982. Wiesenforth, Joseph. The Errand of Form: An Essay of Jane Austen's Art. New York: Fordham UP, 1967. Wright, Andrew H. Jane Austen's Novels: A Study in Structure. second ed. London: Chatto, 1964. Zimmerman, Everett. Respecting Pope No More Than is Proper. Jane Austen: Bicentenary Essays. Ed. John Halperin. Cambridge Cambridge UP, 1975. 112-123.

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Student Financial Support Development Office Work at SIPA COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

Student Financial Support Development Office Work at SIPA COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog Our Development Office at SIPA is constantly working to help increase the resources we can make available to our students.   The text below comes from a recent letter written to our students by Dean John Coatsworth. ______________________ Knowing how critical fellowship support is to our students, I’m happy to share some great news on this front.   Thanks to the tireless work of our Development Office, in recent months, we have raised nearly $3 million in major gifts for the School, the vast majority of which will go toward fellowships.   Many of these fellowships are endowed, meaning they will exist in perpetuity and grow over time. This $3 million increases an already growing fellowship “pot” made possible by the generosity of other donors, including Jorge Paulo Lemann and the late John Kluge (CC 37), from whose estate SIPA will receive $30 million for endowed student financial aid. In short, SIPA will be able to strengthen our partnership with our student body by which we offer as much financial assistance as possible within our limited means, and our students pragmatically manage both their finances and their expectations for their standard of living while studying here.

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The Story of the First Lawn Mower

Formal lawns made of short, well-maintained grass first appeared in France around the 1700s, and the idea soon spread to England and the rest of the world. But the methods of maintaining lawns were labor-intensive, inefficient or inconsistent: Lawns were first kept clean and tidy by having animals graze on the grass, or by the use of scythe, sickle, or shears to hand-cut the grass lawns. That changed in the mid-19th century with the invention of the lawnmower.   Machine for Mowing Lawns The first patent for a mechanical lawn mower described as a Machine for mowing lawns, etc. was granted on August 31, 1830, to engineer, Edwin Beard Budding (1795-1846) from Stroud, Gloucestershire, England.  Buddings design was based on a cutting tool used for the uniform trimming of carpet. It was a reel-type mower that had a series of blades arranged around a cylinder. John Ferrabee, owner of Phoenix Foundry at Thrupp Mill, Stroud, first produced the Budding lawn mowers, which were sold to the Zoological Gardens in London (see illustration). In 1842,  Scotsman Alexander Shanks invented  a 27-inch pony drawn reel lawn mower. The first United States patent for a reel lawn mower was granted to Amariah Hills on January 12, 1868. Early lawn mowers were often designed to be horse-drawn, with the horses often wearing oversized leather booties to prevent lawn damage. In 1870, Elwood McGuire of Richmond, Indiana designed a very popular human pushed lawn mower; while it wasnt the first to be human-pushed, his design was very lightweight and became a commercial success. Steam-powered lawn mowers appeared in the 1890s. In 1902, Ransomes produced the first commercially available mower powered by an internal combustion gasoline engine. In the United States, gasoline powered lawn mowers were first manufactured in 1919 by Colonel Edwin George.   On May 9, 1899, John Albert Burr patented an improved rotary blade lawn mower. While marginal improvements have been made in mower technology (including the all-important riding mower), some municipalities and companies are bringing back the old ways by using grazing goats as a low-cost, low-emission mower alternative.

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Synonyms for Petit, Small, and Short in French

If you want to learn to speak French more skillfully, start with vocabulary. In French classes, you tend to learn the most common, basic terms. The adjective petit is one example of a very common French word that can be replaced by any number of synonyms. Learn some different ways to say small and short, and note the different nuances. Click on each word to hear it pronounced. Small or Short in French Petit means small or short, depending on how its used and the words that are used with it. Jai besoin dun petit carton.I need a small box. Elle est assez petite.She is fairly short. Petit can also be modified by tout to emphasize the smallness: Il y a un tout petit problà ¨me.Theres a tiny problem. Synonyms for Petit Court means short or brief. Vous devriez à ©crire une introduction courte.You should write a short introduction. Il a la mà ©moire courte.He has a short memory. Étriquà © means narrow or tight. Cà ©tait une victoire à ©triquà ©e.It was a narrow victory. Ton pantalon a lair dà ªtre assez à ©triquà ©.Your pants look pretty tight. Faible means weak or small. Nous navons quune faible quantità © de rà ©serves.We have only a few supplies. Fin means fine or thin. Jaimerais une fine tranche de gà ¢teau.Id like a thin slice of cake. Infime means tiny or miniscule. Il a gagnà © dune majorità © infime.He won by a tiny majority. Là ©ger means light, slight, or minor. Cest une blessure là ©gà ¨re.Its a minor wound. Maigre means meager or slight. ï » ¿Son revenu maigre nest pas suffisant.His meager income is insufficient. Microscopique means microscopic. Les microbes sont microscopiques.Germs are microscopic. Mince means thin, meager, or slender. Nous avons une mince chance de succà ¨s.We have a slender chance of success. Minuscule means miniscule or tiny. Je dà ©teste ces minuscules fenà ªtres dans les salles de bains.I hate those minuscule windows in bathrooms. Modeste means small or modest. Cest un appartement modeste.Its a modest apartment. Nà ©gligeable means negligible or trivial. Jignore les dà ©tails nà ©gligeables.I dont know about the trivial details. Peu is an adverb that means little or not much. Elle parle peu.She speaks little (she doesnt talk very much). Rà ©duit means small. Un nombre rà ©duit de nos à ©tudiants.A small number of our students.

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What Can Affect Attitude and Behavior Essay - 2168 Words

What can affect attitude and behavior? Outline I. Family life. a. Divorce and attitude b. Family values c. Modeling adults II. Friendships. a. Friends and behavior. b. Peer pressure. c. Positive friendships. III. Surroundings. a. Home setting. b. Importance of education. c. Environment. IV. Economic Status. a. Career. b. Poverty vs. Middleclass. c. Improving your economic status. A person’s attitude and behavior can be influenced and changed by family, friends, surroundings and economic status. Poverty has negative influences over attitude and behavior, a persons friends can have positive or negative influences over them, and family time and good values can†¦show more content†¦If a child is friends with peers that have been taught and live by the same values, they are more likely to stick to those values than if they are around those that have been taught or that live by different values. An example of this would be if a child is taught by their parents beginning at a young age that sex before marriage is discouraged (Jago, E., 1999). If as a teen they begin to associate with those who believe that sex before marriage is fine, they are more likely to also begin to feel that sex prior to marriage is okay. In Beverly Fagot’s study of preschool children she determined that boys actively discourage feminine behaviors and encourage masc uline behaviors during play (Theories of Gender, n.d.). A child’s behavior and attitude can also be influenced by their home setting. It is often thought that parents and adults influence children’s gender-related behaviors; however, it seems that sex segregation is largely stimulated by the children themselves (Theories of Gender, n.d.). This is most likely because of the different play styles of boys and girls. Boys tend to be more aggressive and assertive and prefer hierarchical group interaction; whereas, girls seem to prefer egalitarian dyadic interaction (Theories of Gender, n.d.). This type of sex-segregation can begin as early as three years of age. Even though parents may not influence their child’sShow MoreRelatedPERSONALITY, ATTITUDES AND JOB PERFORMANCE1021 Words   |  5 PagesBU105 W15 Section 7 Management Principles Dwayne Payne March 29, 2015 Miller-Motte College Online Programs I will be writing my paper on personality, attitudes, and job performance. This subject(s) caught my eye because I am currently working in a job (field) where I deal with people every day. We all have different personalities and attitudes and we all have to learn how to deal with them if we are going to manage or work in these types of environments. Also, we have to be satisfied with our jobsRead MoreHow Children Being Bullied Can Not Only Affect Them1021 Words   |  5 PagesWhen one thinks of bullying, they usually associated it with the phrase, â€Å"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me† those â€Å"sticks and stones† may not only just break those bones, but can undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on a person and make those hateful words and actions hurt that much more to a point that the person would not know how to deal with them. Bullying has become a problematic issue in today’s society, especially where school age children is concerned. BulliesRead MoreSocilization622 Words   |  3 Pagesone’s attitude, Affects- emotions, Behaviors-actions, Cognitions- thoughts, the ABC’s of attitude (Carter amp; Seifert, 2016, Chapter 16). When our emotions, actions and thoughts are not working together it can be difficult. Finding out more about our behavior will help us learn more about our attitude. The self-perception theory says that we are not fully aware of our attitudes. Most of the time with infer our attitudes based on our behavior. It is the opposite in fact, our behavior affects our attitudeRead MoreOrganizational Behavior, Science, The Real World And You866 Words   |  4 PagesThis paper reflects upon the ideas and themes of the first four chapters of the book: Organizational behavior, Science, the real world and you. It takes us step by step through the conceptual ideas of each chapter and how these concepts are applicable in the real world. The first chapter introduces us to the basics of organizational behavior and the challenges that individuals face in today’s competitive world. An organization is an integration of people, structure and technology to meet an objectiveRead MoreThe Betari Box-Linking Attitude and Behavior1002 Words   |  5 PagesThe Betari Box Linking Attitude and Behavior Also known as Betaris Box, Betaris Box, and the Cycle of Conflict The impact of attitude and behavior on each other is a closed loop.  © iStockphoto/MikeRickword Natashas boss mistrusted her. This wasnt because she was incompetent – rather, it seemed to be a matter of principle for him. He spent most of the day watching people to make sure they did their work correctly. He watched the clock to ensure that everyones lunch hour was exactly oneRead MoreIndividual Behaviour Research Paper983 Words   |  4 Pages3rd lecture Individual Behavior Prof. Dr. Robert J. Zaugg Individual Behavior Learning Objectives †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ Explain the nature of the individual-organization relationship Define personality and describe personality attributes that affect behavior in organizations Discuss individual attitudes in organizations and how they affect behavior Describe basic perceptual processes and the role of attributions in organizations Explain how workplace behaviors can directly or indirectlyRead MoreOrganizational Behavior And Human Behavior1217 Words   |  5 PagesOrganizational behavior studies the impact of groups, individuals, and structures have on the personal human behavior within many organizations. There is many different definitions of organizational behavior, but they are all relatively the same in all cases. â€Å"Organizational behavior studies organizations from multiple viewpoints, including behavior within the organization and in relation to other organizations († This is not just the study on one organization, but the study withinRead MoreAttitude Formation1356 Word s   |  6 PagesAttitude Formation Lawanda Thomas Walden University Attitude Formation The field of social psychology focuses on understanding the behavior of an individual and seeks to include the aspects of external and internal influences that impact behavior. Not only is ones behavior impacted by emotions, behavior is also impacted by how an individual perceives a situation and acceptance to engage in that situation (Fiske, 2010). Hogg and Cooper (2007) argue social psychologists note individuals viewRead MoreA Brief Note On Environmental Psychology Research Methods Essay713 Words   |  3 Pagesstudy conducted by Megan J. Bissing-Olsoni, Aarti Iyer, Kelly S. Fielding and Hannes Zacher, a survey/diary design was used to examine the relationship of pro-environmental behavior, employees daily affect, pro-environmental attitude, daily task-related pro-environmental behavior, and daily proactive pro-environmental behavior. There were 56 participants in the study and they were all employed in small businesses. The surveys were done twice daily, after the initial ba seline survey was conductedRead MoreThe Structure Of Attitudes Through The Abc Model1124 Words   |  5 Pagesthat people’s attitudes define whether they have a successful, bright, happy future. Most people can agree that this is the case, but people must ask themselves why and what really makes up a person’s attitude. In past years, attitude was recognized as one of the most important psychological experiences of human beings. Over time, the significance of attitudes has increased specifically in understanding how people come to be who they are. This paper will discuss the structure of attitudes through the

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Themes in hamlet free essay sample

Impossibility of Certainty and Delay of Action Hamlet undoubtedly takes a long time to avenge his father’s murder, and his hesitation is his tragic flaw. He spends a great deal of effort thinking and analyzing and far less acting on his dead father’s request for revenge. Hamlet’s delay of action is a direct result of his attempts to obtain more certain knowledge about what he needs to do as well as the circumstances of his father’s death. However, had he not taken so long, the play would not have been – indeed, it relies upon Hamlet’s hesitation. Revenge There are at least three instances of characters seeking revenge in the play. Young Fortinbras seeks revenge against Denmark because Old King Hamlet killed his father and took his father’s lands. Hamlet wants revenge against Claudius for his own father’s murder. Laertes wants revenge against Hamlet for killing his father, Polonius. We will write a custom essay sample on Themes in hamlet or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Deception The characters in the play demonstrate several acts of deception. King Claudius hides the fact that he murdered his brother, King Hamlet. Hamlet conceals his knowledge of the murder and he also conceals his sanity. In fact, a lot of the play depends on Hamlet’s â€Å"antic disposition.† Polonius hides his loyalty to King Claudius and spies on Hamlet. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern pretend to be loyal to Hamlet, but are actually in liege with King Claudius. Near the end of the play, Gertrude hides her knowledge of Hamlet’s antic disposition. Theater vs. Life This play is about acting: Hamlet acts insane, Claudius pretends to be a legitimate and sincere king, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern portray themselves as loyal friends to Hamlet. The turning point in the play relies upon the play-within-a-play. There is a question of the idea of appearance vs. reality and whether people are being honest or performing for some other benefit. The Mystery of Death The idea of death is closely tied to the motifs of spirituality, truth, and uncertainty as death may bring answers to Hamlet’s uncertainty. Since death is both the cause and consequence of revenge, it is also tied to the theme of revenge. Hamlet is obsessed with death and considers many perspectives of death throughout the play. He ponders the spiritual aftermath of death (from the ghost of his father) and the physical aftermath of death (in the corpses and Yorick’s skull). Hamlet contemplates his own death: is suicide morally legitimate in an unbearably painful world? Hamlet wants to die to end his pain; however he is afraid of the moral consequences of killing himself. The Nation as a Diseased Body Throughout the play, there is a connection between the welfare of the royal family and the health of the state. In the early scenes of the play, there is a sense of anxiety and dread surrounding the transfer of power from one ruler to the next. If the state of Denmark is a body and the king is the head of that body, and if the king is murdered, what does that mean for the health of the nation/body? Moreover, if the new king is a corrupted murderer, then the wellbeing of the state of Denmark is further compromised. Denmark may be seen as a physical body made ill by the moral corruption of King Claudius and Queen Gertrude. Hence, â€Å"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.† Loyalty Despite the many instances of distrust and deception, some characters remain true and constant. Hamlet is forever loyal to his father. Even before learning of his father’s murder, he mourned him grievously. Laertes is loyal to Ophelia and Polonius. Horatio remains loyal to Hamlet throughout the play. Interestingly, Gertrude is torn between her loyalty to Claudius and her loyalty to Hamlet. However, she keeps her loyalty to Hamlet in the end by maintaining her promise to hide his antic disposition. Hamlet: Characters